About Pooja


Pooja Rajwani is a practitioner of several mystical arts and alternative healing modalities with an experience of over 16 years. She is an International Speaker and has conducted several transformational workshops and seminars in India and Hong Kong on various topics including career, relationships, health and finances. 

Her journey into Metaphysics began in 2001 as an assistant to her mother Ms Neesha Rajwani who was a world renowned Feng Shui expert, author and columnist. Under her wing she studied and gained expertise on Feng Shui, Tarot Reading, Chinese Astrology and Runes. 

Besides being extensively trained for 7 years by her mother, she has studied Feng Shui under the World’s bestselling author and Feng Shui Guru, Grand Master Lillian Too. Pooja Shirasi is also a graduate from the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics, spearheaded by Master Joey Yap where she gained expertise on various nuances of Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui. 

Pooja practices the advanced techniques of Pranic Healing to help the patients of terminal illnesses like Cancer, Paralysis etc to relieve them from pain and accelerate their recovery and has worked with special children with developmental issues to help them cope better. She is a very successful practitioner and facilitator of Access Bars and has been able to heal issues like psychosomatic allergies, emotional imbalances and financial blocks within a single session. 

She has several Bollywood celebrities and corporate leaders as her clientele and appears frequently on TV. She has been a former columnist with ABP and her various shows on channels like Astrovaani and Jyotish Duniya are very popular. Her shows feature Chinese Astrology and Runes, the latter being a very unique practice of mystical art from Nordic civilization. She is the only celebrated practitioner of Runes in India and has helped several of her clients benefit from her skills.