Pooja coming into my life was no coincidence. It was like fate waiting to happen. Each tarot reading of mine has not just been accurate but also a step towards positive healing and moving forward in life. Pooja is very intuitive,positive and will add to your spiritual growth. 

Neha Bhasin

I have been consulting Pooja for over a year now on Tarot and her guidance has been of immense help in taking personal and professional decisions. Her weekly tarot predictions are a hit on Facebook and her readings are always bang on. Her 15000+ followers on Facebook who swear by her tarot predictions are testimonial enough for her expertise. She is herself a spiritual practitioner and effortlessly combines spirituality and healing into her readings and provides solutions which are wholesome and not just quick fixes. Her depth and subject understanding reflects in her accurate readings. I would recommend her for all aspects of white magic. 

Wish you the best.

Vipin Gopinath, Mumbai, India

My advice to everyone is, first believe in everything that you try and experiment. Then sit back and see the magic unfold. Pooja is fantastic and very accurate ! Go to her with an open mind and forget the rest. You will see wonders ! What shocked me in her reading was when she told me how tough that year will be and that was exactly what I was going through....Thats when I started believing in astrology. I now go to her to get directions in my life, when i need to know some unknown stuff, when I am in that zone of whats happening, what, why, how, can't make sense... Her readings help me put together the missing pieces in my life......Pooja you rock ! 

Tanushree Jain, Mumbai, India

Pooja a gifted healer, is one of the kindest, sweetest human beings you'll ever meet.. A professional of the utmost, warm and engaging tarot reader..providing intuitive psychic guidance, her readings were spot on and it felt as if she was telling me exactly what I knew was inside my heart At a time in my life, I was struggling with a lot of self doubt & negative feelings which she with the Access Consciousness Bars, she has helped me; reach a state of peace which nothing or no one can take away.. (recent death in the family of a very dear person) helped me deal with the loss of a loved one & still keep my peace. Life changing experience with her I am thankful to her for all the positivity & gratitude in my life :) 

Rizvana Khambaty, Mumbai, India

Amazing skill! Highly recommend. It has really benefited me 

Mohammed Bhol, Mumbai, India

 I was a complete a non believer. Astrology for me was just calculations. Which with a deeper study of books or academies you can achieve. 80% study and 20%your intuitions. But who in this world is so pure to have such pure consciousnesses... Very few. But dame it here was one Angle really blessed. Her predictions were quiet accurate, precise, too the point and more over not cheezy or impressive they hold the fact which you need to digest. Now I rely and take advice for mylife from this little angle who is bestowed by her mothers vibes. Do venture your life with her its worth a try. 

Pranali Shah, Mumbai, India

Pooja is a thorough and caring professional. She is very good at her work and is an excellent healer, God Bless 

Ritesh Menon, Mumbai, India

Pooja is a excellent tarot reader and her predictions are just perfect, also she has solutions also for the ongoing problems, as she is a healer as well 

Bhavita Banker, Mumbai, India

Clear and insightful. It really helped me sort things out. Thank you Pooja. U r wonderful and talented 

Satyen Shah, Mumbai, India

I have experienced some wonderful changes in my life through her services and have also taken class Access consciousness bars from her

Ekta Thaker, Mumbai, India

Amazing astrologer, a very pleasant and good woman as well. She listen and guide in professional way. I had a very good experience in her astrological guidance and every week she guides by tarot reading weekly predictions. 

Harish Kabra, Nashik, India


I had consulted Pooja to help me with Feng Shui solutions for my professional and personal life. Her remedies and measures have been really helpful and we started getting results as soon as we aligned the directions as per her instructions and followed other remedial measures. I would like to testify that she is really good with her work and has excellent knowledge of the science and art of Feng Shui. Wish her all the success for future endeavours.

Himani Keswani, New Delhi, India

Its of the days when my parents were on a look out for a girl for me to get married. I had met and seen many eligible candidates and had started to get frustrated as to why am I not able to find the right person. I started to pull back myself from social gatherings. Its when I just mentioned it to Pooja and she helped me by healing with her Feng shui therapies. A few directions to be followed, couple of wind chimes and overall a positive approach she inculcated in me helped me achieve my target. Now I am a happily married man from past two months. And the matrimonial alliance got fixed within a month of the feng shui therapies. Pooja surely knows the art and does it quite well. I highly recommend her as a feng shui consultant.
Rohan Katarya, New Zealand

Pooja is a magician. Literally. Whether it be tarot readings, Feng Shui work or Pranic healing, her magic works wonders. She is really accurate, in all that she does. Her tarot readings are conclusive, helpful and really guiding. I honestly owe a lot in my life to her and her readings. Combined with her intuition and instinct, she's as good as they come. As far as Feng Shui is concerned, the results are guaranteed. I don't talk just for myself, but also on behalf of a lot of members of my family and friends, who have benefited immensely because of her Feng Shui practice. Also, her Pranic healing is subtle, soothing and relieving. It has not only cured some of my physical aches, but also cured my mental pain. It has helped me evolve, let go and grow up. Pooja has helped me become strong in every sense of the word. You know, we all get a feeling that we're meant to be something particular in life. I say, and I'm sure you'll agree with me, sooner than later, that Pooja is meant to be a magician ;)

Nikita Rathi, Pune, India

I have done a Tarot Reading session thrice with Pooja and all the three times the reading has been extremely accurate. Besides, the accuracy what makes me go back again and again is the her positivity and perspective of looking at life and its problems. Her solutions have always worked for me!

Her weekly forecast on Facebook is something me and my friends always look forward to! We can't wait for Monday morning to arrive so that we have an idea of how the week would be. There have been times when I have read the forecast after the week is over and I realize that things have gone very similar to what was written for the week! The advice given really helps a lot.  

Kinjal Majithia, Mumbai, India


Though I had always had a strong belief in the occult arts, had never before had an opportunity to experience it firsthand. So, given the absence of direct experience, had remained a skeptic at best. That impression changed after I had a session with Pooja with her deck of Tarot cards and a separate session on Chinese astrology, the four pillars. The predictions she made on the basis of the four pillars wisdom was simply amazing. The pattern of life, over the last two years, has been just as she had predicted. The analysis with the tarot was also rather good. The deck can give a wide variety of possibilities, but the experienced reader is able to properly analyze the true prediction for each seeker. A wonderful art that is superbly wielded by a good occultist.

Venkat Raghavan, Mumbai, India


Very accurate information and excellent instrument for me and I am sure to most of us..I look this as a guide for my week which helps me to concentrate on each area of my life. It guides me to my life like an angel and I have witnessed magic of money as well when it was informed in advance. 

Snehal Shah, Mumbai

It was my first tarot reading ever and I really wanted answers to some critical questions so I thought of taking Pooja’s help to get the answers. I was unsure how it would be conducted because it was my first time, but Pooja was calm and spiritually minded.  A tarot reading is a slice of life's journey, and with Pooja’s objective guidance I was able to get insights and strengthen my inner direction.  Pooja is a good communicator, respectful and unprejudiced.  I hope many people will partake of her interactive energy and self-disciplined talents.

Amruta Rege, Mumbai, India

Pooja has the wisdom of a sage, the sensitivity of a healer, and the skill of a master. Her uncanny ability to put a voice to my intuition is deeply affirming . . . and the insights she offers on everything (from business to real estate, finances to relationships) could only come from a practitioner of her caliber. It is an honor, a blessing and a privilege to experience a reading with Pooja.” 

Baidehi Pradhan, UAE

Pooja has been a great friend of mine since 9 years. When I got to know she does Tarot reading and other astrology things I wanted to give a try. I tried Tarot Reading and astrology for me and my younger brother Abhay I must say I was really surprised. The predictions and the knowledge I got was almost accurate. She will do wonders in this field and I am not sure for just the sake of it but I do mean it. She is just great in her work and very understanding and cooperative.

All the best Buddy

Way to go:)

Gautam Ailawadhi, New Delhi

I got my reading done from Pooja and I was blown away with her knowledge and it is commendable the way she portraits things and explains everything with great depth. Her readings have been one of the most amazing, accurate and realistic, they are not vague at all as we can actually relate to Pooja's readings on our daily basis and they are bang on. I could actually picture whatever had happened or whatever I was asking about me, she is that good. It is so great that even if you have a bad situation, she will immediately tell you the solution to it and not let you hang in there and let you deal with problems, like some others. It's astonishing to see person this young setting up standards for so many out there, kudos to you pooja. Thanks a lot and I was really impressed with your reading and it had actually helped me practically. I will be. Making an appointment soon again. Keep up the good work.

Manpreet Singh Dhindsa, Canada