The word ‘Rune’ comes from ‘Runa’ which means a secret or a whisper. Runes are a system of sacred writing and mystical and powerful symbols which are usually carved on wood or stones. Runes are used for various purposes like divination, magic, healing, talismans etc. Rune casting is one of the most mysterious divination techniques known to mankind. The history of runes goes back to several thousand years and some believe even further back in time. The more one has tried to get into the history of runes, the further back in time they have been taken to. It is believed to have originated in Scandinavia and has its roots in Scandinavian mythology. 

Legends say that the Norse God Odin, in search for enlightenment, impaled himself with his own spear and hung upside down on the Yggdrasil, which is the World Tree, for nine days and nights without any food or water. After the long ordeal, he achieved enlightenment and saw the runes below him. Thus the story of rune lore began. The runes became his gift of knowledge to humanity and are empowered with ancient wisdom. 

There are many different varieties of runic writing, but the most widely used runic alphabet is the Early Germanic or Elder Futhark. It consists of 24 alphabets or symbols divided into 3 sets or families of 8 each. Each set or ‘aetts’ is associated with the Norse Gods Freyja, Hagal and Tyr respectively. 

In today’s era, runes are used more for divination purposes and some also write their names, also known as ‘Sigels’ in runic script to add more luck and power to their names. Runes are very powerful tools used not only for divination but for meditation, healing and magic as well. Runes are what connect Mind, Body and spirit by using the age-old magical symbols. Each Rune is a storehouse of knowledge and meanings but can be fully understood and interpreted by people who study them deeply. Runes not only make you understand and foresee the upcoming events but also give you reasons behind it. They offer practical help in solving problems and dilemma. They help you understand the situation you are in and circumstances around you in a different way thus enabling you to effect changes in the future.

As a tool for divination, runes provide wonderful insight and depth into a problem or situation and provide more than just the typical ‘yes’ or ‘no’ solution. The Runes would never directly tell you what to do. In fact, they would give you a deep understanding and the necessary perspective about the situation and give you the necessary guidance and power to solve that particular problem. 

Runic talismans are used to give the wearer the necessary power or energetic ‘push’ to manifest what their desire and help them solve a particular problem or situation. These talismans, when created, bring down a lot of power and stays with the wearer until the purpose, for which the talisman was created, gets completed. These powerful symbols are never used for making a fast buck or amusement as they are treated with lot of respect. 

The Symbols are to be used responsibly to create a better enriching life. Not all are blessed with the art of Reading Runes. The folklore says that Rune Magicians never actually die, as they are reborn generations after generations carrying the mysteries of Runes with them!