Chinese Astrology - BaZi


 BaZi or Four Pillars of Destiny is one of the most popular forms of Chinese divination or astrology. BaZi literally means ‘eight characters.’ It is an ancient art and metaphysical science that reveals the blueprint of one’s life, reflectingthe Heaven’s influence. A person’s BaZi or Four Pillars of Destiny chart is established at the time of birth, as a result of the cosmic energies or Chi that are prevalent at that particular time, day, month and year. 

BaZi is based on the application of yin and yang, the 5 element theory and the cycles of time. Every chart has several combinations of these elements i.e. Fire, Earth, Metal, Waterand Wood in yin or yang form. A BaZi chart also consists of combinations of the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals also known as the 12 Earthly branches. In the Western community, Chinese astrology has been solely attributed with these 12 zodiac animals, which is calculated on the basis of the year of birth. This analysis captures the year influence on a person but gives a limited perspective. 

A BaZi chart consists of four columns or ‘pillars’, each of which is created on the basis of the year, month, day and time of birth respectively. Each pillar consists of a Heavenly Stem i.e. the 5 elements in a yin or yang form and an Earthly branch or Zodiac animal. Each of these zodiac animals has its own corresponding element/s in yin or yang form. The study of a person’s chart involves the analysis of these elements, its placement in the chart, strength, weakness and influence in one’s life. Each element corresponds to a certain aspect, person, relationship and characteristic in a person’s chart and life. By gaining an in depth understanding of these elements and their influence in our lives and fate, we can pave way for a smoother life with lesser obstacles. 

Our destiny or Heaven luck is determined at the time we are born therefore we have no control over it. We can, however, choose how we wish to walk through life by gaining an insightinto the life map or destiny we have been born with. By understanding our BaZi chart, we can identify available options and chose the appropriate course of action. We can also have an idea about what is the purpose of our life, our karmic situation and the kind of obstacles and shortfalls that we may experience in this life time.By having the knowledge about these factors, we can do the right thing, at the right time and make the most of what destiny has to offer us. Following your destiny and understanding its cycles can make life much simpler for if one does not follow his or her true path, the suffering and obstacles in life remain the same, if not increase in proportion. 

BaZi also helps us gain an insight into various aspects of our life like our career, relationships and the people in our lives. One can understand what the right career path is and what fields are suitable and profitable for us. We can also understand what kind of investments would bear fruit and what form of investments should be avoided. 

The beauty of BaZi is that the problems and obstacles that we are meant to encounter can be overcome and significantly reduced by the application of good Feng Shui and the right remedies. In simpler terms, BaZi is the diagnosis and Feng Shui is the prescription! This entire system is based on pure logic and scientific calculations. A lot of analysis, cross referencing and calculations based on many formulas is used to come up with solutions based on individual problems. 

Many would be of the opinion that knowing your future and taking steps to enhance it would be ‘cheating’ or coming in the way of the Law of Karma. Well, if that was the case, such tools for divination would never be made available to mankind. These tools have been created for the sole purpose of reducing one’s suffering so that one can learn their lessons and live life in the best possible way. When we know our true purpose and discover ways to reduce our suffering we can be better and more responsible human beings and in turn strive to make not only our life but the lives of people around us better.